Roof Inspection

  • Inspect your roof at least once a year.

Roof inspections are essential for roof maintenance. It is extremely important to have an inspection scheduled at least every year depending on the age of roof. Older roofs need to be inspected more often the new roofs which is no news to most people, but this does not mean new roofs can be inspected every decade.

  • Inspect your roof after every heavy weather condition and before winter.

Houses located in areas that get a lot of snow during winter and a lot of rain storms during summer are more likely to develop some kind of roof damage if not inspected frequently. These homes are located in areas of extreme weather which can cause all sorts of damages to their roofs. In such situation, the roof can develop an intermediate injury that needs an immediate attention since soon such damage could turn into a bigger and expensive problem.

  • Perform all necessary repairs

It is typical of homeowners to spot a leak and never do anything about it or try to fix it themselves. Any roof damage can be fixed by the homeowner. The question is how well can it be fixed? And how do you know such problem will appear ever again? Tiny leaks or breakages in the roof, which can lead to bigger problems if not taken care correctly, should be considered serious inquiry. This is why it is extremely important to take care of the little things soon before they become big troubles. Roof inspection is a perfect way to prevent serious roof damage. Showing interest in your roof will help avoid any major repairs in the future which usually relate to huge expenses.

  • How to hire the best roofing contractor?

First thing considering an inspection is picking the right contractor. Having a contractor referred by a friend is the best option. In a case where this it is not an option, think about a contractor that can give you the best deal. Another words, some roofing companies offer free inspection upon an estimate or the actual work to be done.  So, when a homeowner spots leaks all over the roof and calls a desired roofing company, the company inspects the house for any other damages that hid under those leaks. Something must have caused these leaks other than a heavy rain. This is resolved by the professional contractor. Once the repair estimate is from the contractor, it is up to the homeowner whether they want to continue with the job. The inspection is free if the homeowner agrees to have the job done within that company.