Roof Repair

Estimation process takes place to inform the homeowner of the costs and labor being put into the property. The homeowner can ask questions regarding what is included in the price and what not, which materials are used and how long will the repair last.

Do I need a roof repair?
It is apparent that a roof repair needs to be done if one spots leaks or possible mold. Both should be taken seriously and be repaired as soon as possible. Untreated mold can turn into black mold which is not covered by any insurance, so preventing mold formation can save any expenses out of your pocket. Little leaks can lead to bigger leaks if not fixed, bigger leaks are usually resolved by a total roof replacement which is an expensive choice.

Common roof problems
Are you aware of contractors who suggest full roof replacement when the roof does not really need the full replacement but some missing shingles or a new fleshing? As it seems in most cases,  the roof does not need a full replacement but some missing shingles or new fleshing. Most importantly, the roof needs to be inspected by a roofing expert  before any replacements are made.  Here is a list of most common roof problems you need to be familiar with:

Missing or old shingles
If your roof is old, it is possible that the leak is within the roof field. In that case the repair would include just the shingles or shakes. If your roof is shingle covered, look for missing colored granules and cracks. It’s also worth calling a local roofing contractor who can evaluate your roof thoroughly and recommend the best solution.

Leaking chimney
Chimney is the most common leaking spot. Flashing around the chimney can rust, deteriorate or work loose from the surfaces they protect. Leaking flashing can funnel streams of water into your house damaging house framing and the ceiling below. Look for any watermarks near the chimney. That is an indicator that something is no right. Chimneys should be inspected every year to avoid expensive repairs in the future.

Vent Pipe Leaks
In a situation that vent pipe fails, look for cracked rubber around the plumbing pipe. The vent pipe flashing should dive up and under the shingles that extend up roof from the middle of the plumbing vent. Some seals do not hold well to ultraviolet radiation and fail in about 10 years so try to remember to inspect your vent pipes before winter and after any heavy weather conditions.

Leaking skylights
This one is usually noticed by the homeowners while finding water stained ceilings or a puddle of water on the floor below skylight. Leaking skylights is a serious problem. Calling local roof contractor is the best option. Usually if the skylight is new, just a fix is needed. In cases where the skylight is old, it may need to be replaced depending whether there is more problems that accompany the leak the leak.