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How to choose a roof style in New Jersey

October 21st, 2009 No comments

If you are looking for a new roof it is worth to spend some time on researching good colors combination. We don’t want to put thousands of dollars in our home improvement and not be satisfied with the results. It is smart to talk to any local new jersey roofing contractors┬á and ask them for an advice or any catalogs with shown color combination.

If we already picked a color of the roof material, we can proceed to another step; choosing the right roofing style. New Jersey roofing contractors usually offer these styles:

What is the difference between them? The easiest answer is the price. Shingles are probably the cheapest ones and slate tile and metal are more expensive and durable. So how do we know which style is the best for us? Our roof budget is the answer. If we spend more money on the roof replacement today it will give us more time until we have to replace it again. Some of the solid roofing material producers offer 50 years warranty for the material.

When we are ready with our budget and we decided that we can get any kind of roofing style, we should imagine our roof, or even draw our house with the new roof or even siding if we decide to replace it, before we give a green light to the roofer.